Bronx-Westchester Christmas Bird Count
A census of birds by volunteer birdwatchers and part of National Audubon's largest citizen science project

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96th Bronx-Westchester Count Results
 Sunday, December 22, 2019

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       The Bronx-Westchester Christmas Bird Count started in 1924 by the famed Bronx County Bird Club as part of National Audubon's Christmas Birds Counts. Volunteers scan, identify and count all the birds they see in the area (a count circle 15 miles in diameter) on the count day. The count has seen 227 species in its history. 

      It's a local birding activity that's not only fun and exciting, but helps with valuable winter bird population data. The count has included participants such as Roger Tory Peterson and Allan D. Cruickshank.

    The Bronx-Westchester count is organized by dividing the count circle (radius 7.5 miles) up into 6 regional areas; East Bronx, West Bronx, Yonkers, Hudson Valley (Hastings area), Rye (Rye and Harrison), and Scarsdale (which covers Scarsdale through Mt. Vernon over to New Rochelle and north to Mamaroneck). Each area leader then assigns parts of the area to different teams or "parties". Each party canvas the area assigned and counts and tabulates all they have seen. The results are compiled later that evening at the Count Dinner.

  The results are placed on the web along with data from years past. 

     People with feeders can include their birds by calling in their results in the afternoon. They should contact the count compiler before the count day.

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Michael Bochnik- Count Compiler