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Birds of Yonkers

A 39-acre Westchester County Park situated on a ridge overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades. The park consists of fields, native hardwood forest, imported specimen trees, dragonfly pond, and a large butterfly garden and nature center.

Good fall hawk watch and fall migration. A large field overlooking the Hudson River gives a birder an opportunity to not only view migrating hawks, ducks and passerines but also frequently their flight strategies. Depending on the wind and other conditions one can often see hawks try to gain altitude by updraft or thermal then make a decision on whether they are high enough to cross the Hudson and clear the Palisades or to head down river.

Waterfowl and other migrating flocks of passerines such as blackbirds, Blue Jay and American Robin can also be viewed streaming down the Hudson in the fall in large numbers. Over 42,000 blackbirds have passed through in a single day. Eastern Meadowlark and sparrows can be in the field in the fall.

Red-breasted Nuthatch frequently found in the evergreens in winter. Look for them as well as other winter birds at feeders just outside observation windows at the nature center

Recent nest boxes in the field have attracted both Tree Swallow and Eastern Bluebird.

To bird the site, from the parking lot head up hill to the nature center. In the winter the county and the Hudson River Audubon Society of Westchester maintains a large bird feeding station. The conifers around the center are favored by wintering Red-breasted Nuthatches and spring and fall migrants. Head past the dragonfly pond up a hill till you get to a large field in front of the Lenoir Mansion. The Lenoir Butterfly Garden is situated on the northwest side of the field. The garden has attracted four Rufous Hummingbirds since 2001; an immature male in late fall and winter of 2001; and immature females in 2002,  2006 -07 and 2011. Sparrows and large concentrations of flickers are frequently seen on the field in the fall.

For hawk watching, situate yourself with good views of the Hudson and the northern sky. Hawks usually come in from the northwest. Also keep an eye back over the mansion as kettles of hawks are seen riding thermals on calmer days. Lenoir Hawk Watch

Directions to the Site:

By Car: Take the Saw Mill River Parkway north to Exit 9, Executive Blvd. Take Executive Blvd. to North Broadway and turn right. Go 1/4 mile and turn left onto Dudley Street. Lenoir's parking lot is on the left.

By Bus: Take the Route 6 Bus to Executive Blvd or Dudley Street. See Bus Map for details and schedule


For more information on the park check out Westchester County Park's Web Site

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